STAMIEL LOGISTIC LLC can offer you a wide variety of transportation possibilities, while offering the best economical solution for your total transportation needs.

We offer full service ground transportation of railway and long haul  truck services to countries like Russian federation, Kazakhstan and other states of Commonwealth of Independent States including other states of former Soviet Union.

Our long standing relationship with Polish sea ports of Gdynia and Gdansk which is the gateway to countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark and  Norway have been the foundation for our experience in sea transportation.

We have made it our vision to specialize in transportation of portable housing containers of standard, oversize and unconventional shape of construction. We offer service for our clients of quantity from single piece to multiple pieces serving the oil, construction and military industry.

Thanks to our long time experience, our on time tracking system ( mainly for railway transportation ) and innovative support services, we are able to offer you the most economical and efficient shipment methods to any destination.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. For further enquiries and requests contact us at

We look forward in taking care of any your special needs.